Paléo Festival 2016

Chemin de l'Asse,
Nyon, Switzerland
Tue, 19 July - Sun, 24 July 2016
Type: Festival
Established: 1976
Capacity: 35,000
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Thu, 14 Jul 2016 05:14:09 +0000

The variety of food from near and far is one of the characteristics of Paléo Festival. But how to choose from among the 130 stalls and 40 bars present on the l’Asse site? One solution would be to wander around the different quartiers of the Festival and let your instincts guide you. But if you have an idea of the kind of food you are looking for, then there’s an alternative, thanks to our mobile application. With its new "Food & Drinks" function you will be able to:

  • Find stalls and bars by produce and type of cuisine: fondue, Kürtőskalács, Ethiopian, pizzas, wine, Venezuelan...
  • Sort by category: meat, vegetarian, sweets, restaurant, gluten free...
  • Discover, amongst these categories, the stalls specially selected by Paléo and identifiable on the site by their plaques:
    • The Top 20 stalls, selected by our tasters
    • The Fresh & local produce stalls, selected by Paléo’s Environment Commission
    • The New offers, selected by Paléo’s Régie des Stands
  • Locate stalls and bars on the interactive map.

For those who prefer paper

You can always download and print our "Bon appétit" maps, which are also posted around the Festival site:

Map of the food stalls - FESTIVAL SITE

Map of the food stalls - PL'ASSE

Fri, 08 Jul 2016 10:20:34 +0000

In the lead-up to the 41st edition of Paléo Festival Nyon, the compilation "Celtique" today provides a foretaste of the artists appearing at the Village du Monde 2016 and offers you the opportunity of discovering the cultural ambassadors of this region of a thousand contrasts.

A wind of mystery still seems to be blowing along the coasts of Western Europe. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Galicia and the Asturias all share the same cultural origins and unchanging links. The myths and legends live on timelessly in the Celtic countries, peopled in bygone times by conquering maritime adventurers. These regions have provided the background for an explosion of different forms of music, languages, culinary specialities and ornaments.

On the strength of a rich and flourishing musical heritage, certain musicians and groups have assumed the role of preserving and perpetuating this timeless treasure, whilst others have set about the task of transferring this patrimony to a more contemporary musical setting, thus achieving a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity.  This compilation, with its multi-coloured selection of tracks, is an invitation to discover both newcomers and established artists, our guides on a brief tour of the musical landscapes of the Celtic countries.

The CD of the 2016 Village du Monde, produced in partnership with Disques Office and Radio Télévision Suisse, is now available at the price of CHF 25.- from, at the, from your local record store and in the Festival's boutiques.

Buy the CD online


01. The Celtic Social Club (Brittany-France / Scotland-United Kingdom) - Rose in the Heather
02. The Rapparees (Northern Ireland-United Kingdom) - Clear Bottle
03. Altan (Northern Ireland-United Kingdom) - Caitlín Triall
04. Danceperados Of Ireland (Ireland/Northern Ireland-United Kingdom) - Raggle Taggle Gypsy
05. Sharon Shannon Band (Irelande) - Glentown
06. Les Frères Guichen (Brittany-France) - Cent Mille Pieds
07. Anach Cuan (Switzerland) - Mozarabic Suite
08. Carlos Núñez (Galicia-Spain) - Pasacorredoiras
09. Happy Ol’McWeasel (Slovenia) - Good Deeds
10. Red Hot Chilli Pipers (Scotland-United Kingdom) - Urban
11. Turbo Sans Visa (Brittany-France / Senegal) - Gavotte Ar Braz
12. Krismenn & Alem (Brittany-France) - A’i omp deoc’h
13. Denez (Brittany-France) - Kredin ‘Raen
14. Alan Stivell (Brittany-France) - NEw´AMzer
15. Bagad Karaez (Brittany-France) - Gavotten War Ar Seizenn

Fri, 08 Jul 2016 09:01:23 +0000

For the first time in Switzerland, a Festival is proposing its entertainment content via an application that allows you to watch concerts live and by video on demand in the comfort of your own living room.

As from today, Paléo is unveiling its new application on Swisscom TV. This year, the Festival will be offering more than twenty concerts live and by video on demand, as well as its zany daily capsules "Zapping" and "Best of", which will be offering an offbeat take on some of the highlights of the forthcoming edition.

Paléo is the first Festival in Switzerland to propose this mode of broadcast, thus giving it direct access to its public, comfortably installed on their sofas in front of the TV. Of course, nothing can ever replace the unforgettable experience of a live concert at l’Asse, but the opportunity of watching a concert on the family’s big screen will allow viewers to plunge headfirst into the unique Festival ambiance whenever they want!

Developed by a Lausanne-based firm, the Paléo app is distributed via the Opera TV platform, which, in addition to its hundreds of thousands of Swisscom TV subscribers, is also used by Samsung, Sony, TCL and TiVo in the USA.

Dozens of videos are already available. Their contents are provided directly by our partners Arte Concert, as well as by the Dailymotion channel and Paléo itself.

How to install the application on Swisscom TV:

Menu Apps > Apps store > New

Sat, 02 Jul 2016 15:54:16 +0000

Paléo is more than just concerts! You’ll find a host of animations at the four corners of the site, for all age groups and for all tastes! On offer:

Street theatre at la Ruche
La Ruche (the Hive), an area dedicated to street theatre and circus arts, is a treasure trove of delights, humming with creativity, hidden behind the quartier des Alpes. It’s also an organic space where the various strolling players prepare before setting off to entertain the crowds across the Asse site. Program and infos

Animations of the Village du Monde
The landscapes of most Celtic countries radiate strength and power. But these are also amongst the regions with the most festive populations on the planet. Between green hills, emerald lakes, mystical trees and convivial pubs, come and celebrate the rich diversity of Celtic culture. Program and infos

Rocking Chair & Rock’n’Roll, let’s swing at the HES-SO space!
The Rocking Chair space will mobilise many students and teachers, all of whom have been working since last November in order to bring you a number of surprising activities. During the six days of the Festival, you will have the chance of doing a number of balancing acts at the heart of the Rocking Chair space. Program and infos

Mielimélo, La Plage and La Luciole, animations for kids and teens
Small children are also occupied with two dedicated areas. La Luciole is the place to be for children up to 8, while Mielimélo will take care of children between 6 and 12 years of age. And at La Plage, it‘s a teenagers’ world from 12 to 18 years. Fun, fun, fun! Program and infos

Animations of la Pl'Asse
Halfway house between the Festival and the Campsite, the Pl'Asse is a festive area, open to all every day free of charge from 11 a.m. until 4 a.m. the following morning. As well as a sports area, craft and food stalls, the Guinguette stage extends a warm welcome to you, and invites you to discover its varied offer of street entertainment and DJ sets! Program and infos



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