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There are at least five artists using this name:

1. Mira: an 'ethereal', 'shoegaze', 'goth'/'alt rock' band
2. Mira: a Turkish downtempo-rock band
3. Mira (Be
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There are at least five artists using this name:

1. Mira: an 'ethereal', 'shoegaze', 'goth'/'alt rock' band
2. Mira: a Turkish downtempo-rock band
3. Mira (Bertels): a Belgian singer-songwriter from Antwerp
4. Mira: a Bulgarian chalga singer
5. Mira: a Lebanese female vocalist.
6. Mira: a Finnish female vocalist

1. Mira: An 'ethereal', 'shoegaze', 'goth'/'alt rock' band from Tallahassee, Florida currently consisting of vocalist Regina Sosinski, drummer Alan Donaldson, guitarist Tom Parker, bass guitarist Melody Fleck, and guitarist Mark Davidson. Formed in 1996, Mira went on to sign with Projekt records in 2000 and released their debut full-length album, Mira (self-titled). This was followed by the album Apart in 2003 and There I Go Daydreamer in 2005. Mira has also released several EPs and CD singles on Projekt.

Mira creates floating, shimmering melodies overlaid by Sosinski's 'ethereal' vocals. While layers of guitars create a distinctly 'shoegaze' backdrop. Mira's influences include 'Cocteau Twins', 'My Bloody Valentine', 'Mazzy Star', 'Ride' and 'Love Spirals Downwards'. Their sound also is somewhat similar to contemporary Projekt band 'Autumn's Grey Solace'


2. Mira: A Turkish downtempo-rock band which consists of Miray Kurtulus and Tan Tuncag.


3. Mira (Bertels): is a Belgian singer-songwriter from Antwerp who sings humorous songs about day-to-day situations (from dirty toilets to roofworkers) in her own dialect. In 2005, she finished 2nd in the prestiguous Belgian Nekka-contest.
Her first release was a mini-cd called 'Klein Gevaarlijk Afval' including 4 songs: 'Openbare Weg', 'Engelke', 'Voal Weecees' en 'En Uwe Maat'. In 2006 her first single (Openbare Weg) was released.
Her first full album appeared in the autumn of 2006, it's called "In de Daluren".
She recently released her second album "Stukken van Mensen".


4. Mira-Bulgarian chalga singer
In Payner Company Mira did her career in duet with 'Milko Kalaidjiev'. She made really interesting songs, like "Wise guy", "Vill's wise". Mira has 5 (2008) albums, and two of them in duet with Milko Kalaidjiev. After nearly 3 years together the duet collapsed and Mira continued her own career. Some of her most known songs are "20th century", "Hey, girl", "Crying eyes" and "Chae shukarie".
Other of her songs we can mention: "Driver", "Stay", "Player", "Your sister", "Forgive me", "Sweet", "The Couple" and "Sad Flowers". Since middle of the year 2007 Mira sings in the company SunnyMusic.
Mira's official homepage is http://pop-folk.mp3-bg.com/Mira-47.html

5. Mira is Lebanese female vocalist who first rose to fame on LBC's pan-Arab talent show, Star Academy. She has released two singles so far, Wala Momken (2006) and Hobbak Dala' (2009).

6. Mira: A Finnish female vocalist. She was active at least during the late 90's, but has since then apparently stopped recording under the name Mira and continued as the exercise trainer. She has a sister who also recorded under the name Therese, and together they at one time sang backing vocals for 'Nylon Beat'. Mira did two albums called "Mira" (1995, which contains her biggest hit song "Onpa iisi päivä, made by R.E.L.S. like the most of the other stuff on it too) and "Miljoona volttii" (1997), the both released by Audiovox Records. Later in the 2000`s she has taken part in Finland`s SC trials and recorded 2 songs for the collection Synteesi: joulubuumi (2004). She has been satisfied with her current life without being inspired about having the same success than in the mid 1990`s.

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